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Ovals and Aqua Plate

What could be better than the perfect shade of Blue? The perfect oval! Here’s how to combine them both for a cute boy’s plate.

I found this perfect blue shade and I’m so glad I got to use it for my boy’s plate! It started with cutting out contact paper in the large ovals and placing them across the plate, smoothing down all of the edges. I took the Bright Aqua Duncan Concepts Underglaze and painted it over the plate in 3 coats. The longer the brush strokes the more even tone of the glaze. I then lifted up my contact paper ovals to reveal the perfect white ovals beneath. I hand drew the D for the center. I liked my earlier technique better for making a contact paper initial, but I thought I would try free-handing it :).

Claire Selby Hand painted plate

Cutting out the ovals

I heart U Valentine!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and every day with Hugs & Kisses and X’s & O’s!

Start out your day with breakfast plates hand made for your special someone. Or better yet have a cool reminder of that love when you are washing up the plates! You can have fun painting these plates for those you love or make a special date of it! I would estimate at least 2 hours for each plate that you want to make. For my Stippled Valentine’s plates I covered the edges with Hugs and Kisses & I heart U. A quick and easy way to make the tiny stippled dots is to use the handle tip of a paint brush and dip it into the underglaze. I used Duncan Concepts Underglaze in Dk. Scarlet, Dk. Grey & Lt. Grey.

Claire Selby Valentine's Plates

Claire Selby Valentine's Plates

Stamped Polka Dotty Plate

Using Foam Craft Stamps on Pottery

Stamping on pottery can be quick and fun. Using foam stamps on my painted pottery piece gives a softer, whimsical look.  It gives blurry edges to the image that you stamp, not as structured and precise as using a sticker or decal to create a polka dot. the best part is a thicker coverage of glaze when you stamp. I didn’t need to reapply any layers of underglaze, the  recommended number of coats of underglaze is 3 for full saturation, just one thick application of the stamp worked!

Claire Selby stamped polka dot plate

Stamped Pottery Supplies

1) Unfired Bisque Ceramic Plate

2) Duncan Signature glaze brushes

3) Duncan Concepts Underglazes in Ivory, Dk Black and Dk Scarlet

4) Foam craft stamp in a 1″ circle

5) Clear Contact paper for the Custom Monogram Initial. Check out my earlier post on Making your unique Initial!

6) Don’t Forget to Decorate the Back! I used Duncan Concepts Underglazes in Ivory, Dk Grey, and Bright Aqua

I want to thank Duncan for the supplies for me to try out & the Painted Potter for glazing and firing my pieces. Also to my mum, Gerri Plummer Designs, for all the hours of painting and crafting fun through the years!

Claire Selby stamped polka dot plate

I love comments, Linkbacks and likes! Please give credit to me Claire Selby pinkdilla if you craft this, share this, blog this, tweet this or pinterest it! I love to see others art projects as well, share your link to your painted pottery here.

Girly Glam Rose ‘n Feathers Frame

What could be more fun than, pink, roses and rhinestones!

Girly Glam Wooden frame by Claire Selby

All are girly glam items, especially when put together with feathers! Here is my unique hand painted, distressed wooden frame for a fabulous girly gal! I’m sharing my unique technique for Distressing the wooden frame and making the gorgeous French Ribbon Rose.

How to make a French Ribbon Rose

1) Start out with a good quality Wire edge ribbon about 2″ wide by 18″ long

2) Gently pull both of the the fine copper wires top and bottom out by 1″ on one side of the ribbon only. This will be the start of your rose in step 6. Twist these 2 wires together.

3) On the opposite end of the ribbon, bottom wire only, gently pull the wire as far as it will come, gathering the ribbon along the wire as you go. It leaves about a 7″ long ribbon.

4) Once gathered your ribbon will resemble a small ruffle. To finish off the wire edge you have been pulling, twist this long bottom wire with 1″ of the top edge wire. Trim wire with wire cutters. Because you will have about 10″ of wire hanging off of the bottom!

5) Now, here is a secret technique to get the nice realistic shape of a rose; I gently gather all of the ribbon into my two palms, (Think of gathering a broomstick skirt all together!) and squeeze it together. This sort of pleats the top edge of the ribbon that we didn’t gather.

6) Starting with the first side that you only gathered 1″ top and bottom, Roll a tight roll going around and around until you come to the end of your gathered ribbon. Stitch in place at the bottom. I like loose not too tight stitches.

7) Now that your rose is complete just pinch with your fingers on the edge of your rose to make a more realistic petal shapes, not just a big gathered round thing! It does make a difference to make a few pinches here and there!

How to Distress and Weather Wood Paint Technique

I like enamel Craft or high gloss Latex paint for this technique. It gives a nicer coverage. First, cover the entire block with black paint using a foam craft brush. Let Dry thoroughly! Now find your center front that you want to use to display your photo, lightly brush on pale pink with a dry brush and a small amount of pink just making long straight lines. This adds some depth to the distressing. You only need this pale pink right in the front. Let Dry. Next, I used Buttercream, looks ivory, enamel craft paint on a dry sponge craft brush, Slowly and sparingly go around all edges. You want long strokes, and stroke lines. Not full coverage but about 75% should be covered. This makes a great weathered wood appearance. Once dry I hand painted the pale pink polka dots with a large artist paint brush, I use both natural and synthetic Artist brushes. I like watercolor brushes mostly and Filbert. Lastly, Hot glue your rose, rhinestone, a strip of feather boa and a photo picture clip to the top of your wooden frame. Add Vinyl letters to the bottom or clear edged stickers to spell out your girly glam’s name. These wooden picture frames are addictive and so much fun to hand paint! It is also an inexpensive project as I just use craft paint, they are always going on sale at the big retail craft stores!

If you Tweet, facebook or pinterest this please give credit to me Claire Selby pinkdilla. If you make one of these and blog them, please share my link and post your link here or on my facebook page. Be an angel and don’t craftlift without giving props to me Claire Selby pinkdilla. I appreciate all of the comments, linkbacks and likes!

Girly glam Claire Selby wooden frame

Tulle ‘n Pink BaBY Card

I’m all about pink! And tulle! And babies! How can I resist making my cards for new moms and their new little ones. Today I was blessed by having my husband home to help me get work done. I’m so thankful for him. He got to be my client today and “shop” my one of a kind boutique. In home shopping is the best. It’s easy and quick and you get something one of a kind. I only ever make one of any item, it’s my schtick. My thing. That’s how I roll. Just one and then I move on to the next thing. But I will never be tired of girly sweet pink! If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed Pink is actually a soothing stress relieving color. Or if you are frazzled and need to get out of the house I’m open for orders or stop and shop here with me!

Baby girl card by Claire Selby

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