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On the 7th Day of Christmas….A Swan Card!

Claire Selby card

This Swan card started out as a winged beauty from Artchix Studio atop lots of paper scraps! I added the German Dresden Swan wings with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™. The edges of the card are all Colorbox pigment inked. I also embellished the card with the rose ribbon and the Close to My Heart Crystal accents. She is a sparkling swan beauty ready for the New Year!

Claire Selby card

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  • Claire Selby Handmade Card

    On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love hatched for me….a Just Hatched Baby Card! Lots of things came to mind during this season, not only the birth of Christ, but also our own newborn. Just thinking of that elusive Peace on Earth that we all try to attain, sometimes, seems so easy when we stop and just look at a baby sleep. Softly and sweetly! I was also inspired by the colors blue and gold which I used for my Christmas tree this year. The 6th day classically heralds in the geese laying eggs, so this little fella is just hatched! I used some of my Acid free Scrapbooking paper scraps left over to make the card, the Best way to recycle! I glued the Art Chix Studio Egg form and baby and butterfly cutouts to the card with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™. I then drew the antennae and the baby string with a permanent marker. Fun, Festive and Hard to catch that peace when it is drifting away!

    Claire Selby Handmade Card

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  • On the 5th Day of Christmas…5 Window Panes


    Claire Selby artworkMy true Love crafted for me…5 Decorated window panes! My Christmas window features Vintage Christmas cards & Sheet Music, some have been in our family for generations! For my window frame I covered it in blue Acrylic Paint with red and green around the trim. I glued the cards to the front of the glass panes with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™, and then glued the vintage sheet music to the backs. For the finishing touch I applied gel medium and Pearl X pigments to the top of the glass panes and the cards. If you want to make copies of vintage papers and cards to use in your artwork make sure they are printed by a toner printer not inkjet, or the ink will run and bleed.

    Claire Selby artwork

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  • Claire Selby pillows

    On the 3rd day of Christmas my true Love stitched for me….3 Fancy Pillows! For my fancy pillows I used 100%  Cotton quilting fabric mostly found at For my tufted Pumpkin Pillow I used the delicate floral Amy Butler Midwest Modern Poppies fabric, cut into 5- 20″ long wedges, I then stitched these together and filled with 2 big bags of stuffing. The Bright pink and red Pumpkin Pillow was made from the lovely Jennifer Paganelli Bell Bottom fabric, making sure every wedge was cut in the exact same spot so they would line up well when sewn together. My Red Silk edged pillow was stitched from Beth Ann Bruske fabric from several years back, it has the perfect Christmas feel to it. I printed a family photo on printer treated cotton fabric and stitched that atop Amy Butler scraps from my Pumpkin pillow! Nothing going to waste! Even small scraps were used to cover the buttons on the tufted pillow!

    Claire Selby pillows

    Claire Selby pillows

    Claire Selby Crafts

    On the 2nd day my true love crafted for me…. 2 Party Crowns! Great for the holidays, celebrations and just plain being a girl, crowns are fun to make, wear and decorate with. I crafted my first crown from a Vintage Crown image found at Graphics Fairy printed on cotton fabric treated for the printer. I then hand stitched it to a 12″ pillow made from Robyn Pandolph quilt fabric. The pillow sides are sweetly trimmed with pink and ivory cotton ribbons, seam binding and vintage lace.

    For my second party crown I created a cone base from vintage sheet music painted with big blue circles. I then added the chunky transparent glitter to the entire crown by first thickly painting on Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™. Once dry I trimmed the Crown in pompoms, a ribbon rose and my hand dyed Pink Tinsel. Pink tinsel is quick and easy to make, check out my earlier tutorial HERE.

    Claire Selby Crafts

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