I’m all about pink! And tulle! And babies! How can I resist making my cards for new moms and their new little ones. Today I was blessed by having my husband home to help me get work done. I’m so thankful for him. He got to be my client today and “shop” my one of a kind boutique. In home shopping is the best. It’s easy and quick and you get something one of a kind. I only ever make one of any item, it’s my schtick. My thing. That’s how I roll. Just one and then I move on to the next thing. But I will never be tired of girly sweet pink! If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed Pink is actually a soothing stress relieving color. Or if you are frazzled and need to get out of the house I’m open for orders or stop and shop here with me!

Baby girl card by Claire Selby