Pink Dilla

Grey and Yellow Baby Plate

Baby plate by Claire Selby

I love the colors grey and yellow.  They are perfect soft, neutral colors for baby, so I chose to use them on my painted ceramic plate. You can check out my earlier post on how to make a unique Initial for your pottery. For my baby plate I used my hand cut Initial B for the center and I also utilized garage sale price tag stickers to make the so cute polka dots! These polka dots are about 3/4″. That size can be hard to hand paint but easy to just stick down the stickers wherever I wanted a sweet white polka dot! Here are a few of my supplies

1) Unfired Ceramic Bisque plate

2) Duncan Signature Fan Glaze Brush

3) Duncan Concepts Underglaze

4) Scissors, paper, and clear contact paper for the initials

5) Small fine tip glaze brush for the initial

6) 12 garage sale circle stickers, found in the office supply section of walmart

7) Glaze and kiln, this is the last step after you paint your piece. I took mine to the Painted Potter.

perfect polka dots


Leave your Mark, with a cool Custom Initial!

Looking for something unique and totally you? Have fun putting your mark on all types of pottery! Make a sweet and personalized gift for a teacher or a friend. Here is my easy to use technique for painting your unique Initial onto your pottery!

C initial plate by Claire Selby

Making your Cool, Custom Initial for Pottery technique

1) First, hand draw your Letter Initial like mine onto a piece of paper. Have fun creating curly-qs, a Spencerian monogram or your first, middle and last initials. If this doesn’t seem fun simply download a font in the Letter and size you need and print it out.

2) Next, hand cut out your Initial laying it right side up on top of a right side up piece of contact paper. VERY IMPORTANT, if you put the letter right side up on the wrong side of the contact paper it will come out backwards! I used sharp scissors and cut continuously around my Initial for a smooth even look!

3) Peel the backing off of your newly cutout contact Paper Initial and place in the center of your pottery piece. Slowly press out any air bubbles with your fingers pressing all edges down well. If you don’t like the placement simply peel up the letter and smooth it down again making sure all edges are well pressed down.

4) Paint over your initial using Duncan Concepts Underglazes for bisque. 1 thin coat will be very translucent, 2 coats will be darker, and 3 is the recommended full-color coat. The under glaze will bead up on the top of the contact paper so it is easy to see where your initial is.

5) Peel off your contact paper Initial with your fingertips or a pair of tweezers. Voila, reveal a gorgeous white initial or go on to the 2nd part of the technique.

2nd part for a Dark Initial Technique

1) If you want a dark color initial you must use a small glaze brush and a dark shade of underglaze. Outline the letter 1st either with the small brush or with a pencil, then fill in with the dark underglaze. You can not paint the whole piece of pottery a dark color first because you won’t be able to see white or light colors on your piece. It is similar to watercolor that you add the lightest colors first and work your way to the darker shades.

I would like to thank Duncan for the supplies to try out and the Painted Potter for glazing and firing the piece for me. Also, Gerri Plummer Designs for teaching me the basics of painting, it has helped me my whole life knowing those basics!

Hand cut initial

Press down all edges

Painting perfect Polka Dot pottery

Have fun painting the Perfect Polka Dot!

This technique works for other mediums, but it is fabulous for painting ceramic bisque pottery!

You can try this at home or at a pottery studio. Easy Peasy.

  1. First, Cut out Circles out of Contact paper using sharp scissors, (I don’t like exacto knives but a lot of artists prefer these), use what makes a good and comfortable cut!

  2. Peel off the backing to the circle and slowly apply the circle to the pottery pressing out any air bubbles and around all edges. If you don’t like it peel it up and try again, sealing the edges well.

  3. Apply your Duncan Concepts Underglazes , I used Pale Gray with a fan brush. Painting smooth, even strokes around the circle edge and over the circle. The more glaze you use the darker the color will be. The best part about the Duncan glazes are they are made in the USA!

  4. Wait a few minutes and gently peel up the contact paper circles. The underglaze beads up on top of the circles so they are easy to see. Also, you could use tweezers to lift up the circles but I just used my fingers and it came up quickly.

  5. Admire your perfect Polka dot! If you need to redo the polka dot, Duncan underglaze rinses off with water, so you could rinse it away on the place you don’t like. Allow to dry and then press a NEW Contact paper circle in place firmly around the edges. I had fun with this technique it is quick and easy to try. I got perfect polka dots and can’t wait to try more! The only thing I didn’t like was my fan brush, it seemed to have the hairs go all wonky after my first use. It did clean well with just water, so that was good.

polka dot

polka dot

peel up the contact paperperfect polka dot

New for 2013

Saige an American Girl!

The American Girl doll Stores are celebrating the debut of their newest character, Saige,

this week with in-store events.

Saige American girl pic by Claire Selby

Saige American girl pic by Claire Selby

American is hosting the Soar with Saige Sweepstakes for girls. Check out their entry form Here. You can mail in the form or drop it off in store.

Saige pic by Claire Selby

Today we got free goodies and crafts

at the in-store debut event. Check out more scheduled events for Saige Here.

I found a 40% off sale on American Girl items

at EKSuccess website. They are offering 40% off any American Girl craft item, Free shipping with a $60 order and 20% off your purchase using the coupon code


coupon is good until January 6th, 2013

American Girl party Ideas by Claire

Need ideas for an American Girl Party? Check out my American Girl party HERE.

We had fun using the American Girl Parties Kit for inspiration. It features party items for 4 dolls plus craft ideas and centerpiece decor.

Or if you want to Enter for a Chance to Win Saige enter here at







Lil’ Brother Altered Onesie

Tonight I’m sharing my Lil’ Brother Onesie project that coordinates with my Altered Boy T. Featuring a spray paint effect with Tie dye and Photo Transferring. Easy to make for a New Mom, Baby shower, or for a 1st or 2nd birthday party!

Lil' brother onesie

Here are a few of My Supplies-

1) 1 White Baby Onesie

2) Large plastic table cover for workspace, plastic gloves and a piece of cardboard to insert into T

3) Tulip 12 Color Tie-Dye Kit using Teal in a plastic Spray bottle

4) Pack of Inkjet Iron on Photo Transfer paper and Inkjet printer

5) Any image that is large enough to fit half of the 8.5″ by 11″ paper

6) Fiskars Scissors

Making the Onesie

First, I covered my workspace and then filled a small spray bottle with Teal dye and water. I chose to spray on the left front of the Onesie, the closer I sprayed to the shirt the darker the color. The farther away I sprayed from the Onesie the softer the color. Then I printed my black image onto half of my inkjet photo transfer paper. Once my Onesie was dry I ironed on the image following the manufacturer’s steps. I finished it by decorative stitches around the image. Quick and cute! This Onesie matches the Big Brother T so it would be great for family reunion or Cousin camp! You can find all of my supplies at Walmart or Please check out my Facebook page or Pinterest page for more ideas.

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